Capture Impact

“Knok is our best friend.”

- The non-profit down the street.

We tell incredible stories in an incredible way.

With over 20 awards, Knok Studio has captured stories from the war-torn beaches of Sierra Leone to the rainy back-alleys of Seattle.
If you have a story you want people to hear, we will capture that story.

Are you a non-profit?

You serve people and the world supports you…
But only if they know you exist.

Let us Help You!

Do you tell stories with film?

You love people and love telling stories…
We’ll equip you with meaningful projects.

Use your talents for good!

The Gospel in Plainspeak

The Gospel in Plainspeak

Over the Rainbow – Plateau Outreach Ministries

Over the Rainbow – Plateau Outreach Ministries

Believe & See

Believe & See

We’re Adventure Filmmakers w/ Big Hearts

Make a Wish Foundation

Mercy Ships

Plateau Outreach Ministries

Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation, Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation

Believe and See, Africa