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We produce awesome videos for nonprofits, churches, & charities.

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We produce non profit videos & short films for churches.

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Who is Knok Studio?

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Knok Studio is a very unique non-profit, 501(c)3.  We help non-profits, churches, and charities by capturing their message and impact through film.  In short, we produce non-profit videos.  Video is no-doubt the most powerful way of communicating passion to the most amount of people.

Frequently we hear incredible people doing incredible things for God and our neighbors, however they’re sharing face-to-face, 2 or 3 people at a time.  This is powerful but limiting.  That’s why we started Knok Studio.  While all churches and charities start in the grassroots (word-of-mouth) the next level of communication is video.  Video touches everyone; the introvert, the extrovert, the hipster in Seattle, the North Korean defector, volunteers, even potential donors.  While extremely affordable (less than 1/2 of conventional studios) regularly we see our projects being paid off extremely quickly due to their impact.  That’s why we started Knok Studio; to capture these magnificent miracles.

From the war-torn beaches of Sierra Leone to the rainy back-alleys of Seattle, Knok Studio captures impact and broadcasts love. We’d love to chat.

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You love people and love telling stories… Just like us.

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Believe and See - Togo

We’ve done a lot. A lot.

 Knokography  /näk äɡrəfē/ noun

An art form that captures stories of non-profits in a cinematic way.

Make a Wish Foundation

Mercy Ships

Union Gospel Mission

Plateau Outreach Ministries video

Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation, Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation

Believe and See, Africa

Nonprofit film created by our video ministry

Non profit videos award

Non profit videos award

Non profit videos award

Non profit videos award

Non profit videos award